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Here is the deal with this number - a TOTAL SCAM and run by not-so-bright people. It started on Facebook with this person:

He writes me and asked if I was aware that my name was on the list of the Bill Gates Foundation (because HE SAW IT) and that I was entitled to free money just like him - he said they sent him $100,000 for just filling out a form (after personal info like mother' maiden name too - so they are going to steal your identity too for sure, no doubt). This is the "agent's" phone number, 708-622-5943, which he told me to contact.

So it gets even more ridiculous than this. The Gates Foundation "agent" at 708-622-5943 tells you his name is "Agent Brown Maxwell" and he lives at 1156 Monterey Rd, PO Box 13, Otis MA (a single family home with no PO Box associated with it - see Google maps). First thing to note is this 708 number is Illinois and not Mass.

So it is going to cost me $1,500 to get this and how do I pay him? I am supposed to get a Walmart gift card and then send a picture of it to him by phone so he can then "arrange for my payment with the Gates Foundation directly."

I mean bad are we getting as Americans to still try to do stuff like this? Check Henrycarol's picture on Facebook.
Posted by Kurt
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 13:15pm
Calls me 8 times in 1 minute,
Posted by Jansky
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 10:55am
It belonged to my friend but she lost her number after having her cellphone stolen.
She should disconnect it because no one can answer her phone.
Posted by Alice
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 09:39am
called 9pm left no message. NOT COOL. blocked number
Posted by sam
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 08:21am
recd a call from this number, I answered, the other party hung up, obviously, I did not call back
Posted by tony morris
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 06:55am
love u vikas
Posted by vikas
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 06:40am
one ring then hung up
Posted by Jeffrey
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 05:48am
She call me and ask my name. After i say YES, she immediately disconnect the phone line.
Posted by Noh
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 03:13am
Grayson Steele aka Phillips butt listed under Robert Sorrells. he is a Imposter, crook, cheater, lier...
Posted by Brookite
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 01:26am
recording said I was being sued by the IRS. Was told to call back later.
Posted by scott
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 21:16pm
Have been receiving calls from both UNKNOWN CALLER and 512-652-2161 leaving this number as the callback. A man identifying himself as Joe Williams leaves a message in a threatening tone, using a full name repeatedly. Indicates by name the street name of the home, a place of business and that street name. Says that he is on his way to serve papers, tried to serve papers, will be serving papers. Indicates a specific time for this. Says that a manager or work supervisor must be present at the place of employment to witness this and that I must have 2 forms of STATE ID. Tells me he will report me to the "proper authorities" if I'm not there and that this will turn into a "refusal to appear." Leaves the 855-883-8926 as the phone number to call to take care of this with the a case number so they can put a "stop order " in place. So I called. Cause the thing is, not only am I NOT the person that they're calling, I don't KNOW the person that they're calling. Same exact guy answers without identifying himself or his company. Asks what I'm calling about. I give him the case number. He asks if I'm First Name Last Name, I neither confirm or deny. I ask him who he is. He says his name is Steven Leverman. I ask what company it is. S & S services. I tell him he called me and I am returning the call. He says they do not make "outgoing calls" and I was called by someone serving me. I tell him that I was called by a spoofed phone number. He says he's transferring me to "pre-litigation." SAME EXACT GUY picks up and gives his name as David Silverstein. I do the same thing with this guy. I tell him to stop calling my number he repeats that they don't make outgoing calls. I tell him obviously they do, point out the myriad ways in which this is a scam (a process server trying to schedule a time, the demand for 2 state IDs in order to be served, the need for a witness, the threats to report, etc.) not to mention that I'd gotten this far into the phone call process without him once attempting to confirm that I'm actually First Name Last Name. Oh, and that Joe, Steven and David all have the exact same voice. At this point he begins screaming at me, insisting that I AM First Name Last Name (for the record I am totally NOT, pinky swear) and on and on and then he hung up. I immediately call the 855 number back and he answers with "David Silverstein." To which I begin laughing, he shouts obscenities, and he hangs up. So in closing - call and ask for David Silverstein.
Posted by TLA
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 16:57pm
This is a solicitation. I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling but they continue to call.
Posted by Wanda
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 14:46pm

They are REACH DIGITAL TELECOMS LTD, 5 Knight's Court Archer's Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, SY1 3GA

Reported member of staff to Laura June Glews who is a Director
Posted by Peter
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 11:22am
A Ben from reach asking for the MD - very rude, saying he spoke to him before when he has not so hung up on him
Posted by Peter
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 11:07am
This woman called 3 times in the last 3 days and left 2 messages saying she is investigating someone I know and wants to talk to me? She also has my address and left a card on my door knob that says National Background Investigations Bureau U.S. Office of Personnel Management. It is necessary that I speak with you regarding an individual who is being considered for a position of trust with the U.S. Government. Your comments regarding this individual's fitness and suitability will bve greatly appreciated. Please call Melissa Brockman. Investigator, phone 202-766-0115 at your earliest convenience regarding this matter of official government business. I don't know anyone who works for the government.
Posted by Jan
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 10:59am
Avoid and bock this number, this is a mobile phone scam,
otherwise you will be offered a delicious phone and tarrif and when you hand in your bank details
they will order a phone on your name (no the one you have selected), when you receive an expensive phone that you didn't order, the scammers will contact you to send it back for replacement, that's not the last you will see of them
first - if you send them the phone, you will end up with a phone bill and no phone
second, they have all your bank details and sensitive information, cancel your card and contact the phone operator and do not send them the phone at all cost.
i would report it to the police also and register with Cifas Protective Registration to safeguard your account from fraud.
Posted by aLex
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 09:42am
Received call from 03300403639 saying my Sky equipment insurance was no longer the best priced one available to me. If I cared to give them my bank details they would switch the direct debit from £14.99 to £8.50per month. I asked how she knew SK much about my personal circumstances but received no rep!y. What is the saying??
Posted by MAW49
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 06:20am
yes same here.Could just hear someone breathing a bit on the answer maching.I reckon they want to fool you into thinking its a personal call.Creepy that they keep completely quiet.A new tactic if you ask me!
Posted by Paul
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 06:07am
Caller just said 'Errr' and hung up.
Posted by Jeff
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 04:30am
It's a scam. Ia satu penipuan.
Posted by Meera
Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 02:33am
Automated call about extending my warranty on my car insurance.
Posted by Andria
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 16:46pm
they just said good bye. I think it is spam
Posted by debora
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 16:12pm
3-5 daily calls from this number - never leaves a message - when i call back no answer
Posted by MDeb
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 15:44pm
Free MSG: 'Thank you for subscribing to fitguru for £3.00 per 1 week from Taptronic until you text STOP to 64055. HELP? 03302231099'

SCAM reported to PSA and mobile operator
Posted by mister angry
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 09:36am
Received several missed calls no voice message
Posted by Dublin
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 06:20am
Got a call form someone claiming to be form "citizen advice" and trying to get my card info so he can take money for my "debt" which of course doesn't exist. Don't answer it's a scam call
Posted by Chris
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 06:08am
Trying to sell mobile phone contracts
Posted by Nige
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 05:36am
Called few times but didn't pickup
Posted by Lyne
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 03:00am
Calling for extended warranty on car..
Had to hang up as they kept talking.
Posted by Lu Bell
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 17:49pm
I don't answer, it doesn't leave a message
Posted by BJ
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 15:10pm
Ringed for 2 seconds and they hung up. Didn't leave a voicemail.
Posted by Balek
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 11:05am
This number was mine for 10 years, someone hacked my accounts and stole my phone number as well, changed the name with the provider and won't give back. Sorry guys, if you ever talk to someone, let me know. How sad, lame and uneventful their lives must be
Posted by Mesh
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 09:08am
This number is Safe, I know who owns the number.
Posted by Atlas
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 03:49am
Posted by Nate
Sunday, 07.15.2018 @ 23:17pm
0074956451021 it was a machine
Posted by Lisbeth
Sunday, 07.15.2018 @ 08:39am
This number was given us by a so called carrier to deliver a dog to us. The owner only wanted shipping fees that this company wanted by Western Union, would not except a credit card. EVERTHING points to a pet scam.
Posted by Barbara
Saturday, 07.14.2018 @ 18:40pm
My elderly mother received a call from this number soliciting cash for a woman in Wisconsin!
Posted by Jim
Saturday, 07.14.2018 @ 17:34pm
Calls and leaves an encrypted message about a lawsuit to be filed by the U.S. govt. Govt lawsuits are handled in documentation first and are handled by local law enforcement to pass through to you personally. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP! NO OFFICIAL LETTER MEANS NO GOVT IS FILING A SUIT!!!!
Posted by EJ
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 23:47pm
This is my personal number. I am not calling you and hanging up. I promise. Someone is spoofing my number.
Posted by Steve
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 18:29pm
Called my cell phone which I immediately blocked, computerized left message on my voicemail that my Microsoft key had expired & my computer would not update. Message said call 876-978-5387. Big time scam for sure. Idiots!
Posted by Marty
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 15:39pm
Please help to find this original caller name
Posted by Rajesh
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 14:04pm
Called. They left no message.
Posted by Katrina
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 13:51pm
I'm from Brazil and this number just called me
Posted by FERNANDA
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 12:06pm
They are committing fraud and calling themselves the IRS. Every time they call I tell them I know you guys are lying and I'm going to report you they always hang up
Posted by Amber
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 11:30am
More than Survey after I called them to cancel my insurance
Posted by Gary
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 09:58am
These total idiots call at 842 am. leave not message , so you know they are telemarketers. They are not on the blocked list.
Posted by annoyed
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 09:32am
Originally said they were BT. Said they could offer half price monthly telephone charge. Then mentioned they were Zing Telecom. Just seemed to be after my bank account details so they could make the monthly charge.
Posted by David
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 08:59am
Voicemail from a Sarah Wilson allegedly from HMRC - quite a threatening message - the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. Do not disregard this message - if we do not hear from you or your solicitor then get ready to face the legal consequences.

This is clearly a scam, but quite frightening in it's tone and I am sure there are people who will fall for this.
Posted by Anne
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 05:06am
I had a call asking me to call back so I did Said they were HRMC and I had a court case against me for tax fraud. Wanted 3200 pounds. Said they sent me a latter in Dec 2015 and that they couldn't t send me any more information. I checked my govt gateway ac and I had nothing on there so checked the number and seems allot of people are saying this is a scam. I have blocked the number.
Posted by Leila
Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 04:41am
Gate group registered #
Posted by KJ
Thursday, 07.12.2018 @ 18:29pm


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