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Posted by Jem
Saturday, 02.27.2021 @ 21:56pm
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Posted by Rogernob
Saturday, 02.27.2021 @ 01:24am
Called to say I'd won a competition, asking for bank details so they could post out my prize.........sounds like a scam to me.
Posted by Rach
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 10:47am
Called twice today. Recorded message in an American accent. Both times the start of the message was "cut off" so just starts saying "... this case to the local county courthouse. Please kindly call us back on this number" Assuming scam so deleted and ignored.
Posted by LAL
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 08:43am
Sending out very suspicious email "faxes" from this number.
Posted by KJK
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 08:13am
disconnected when I responded. Number now blocked
Posted by Alison Wilson
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 06:11am
i sent 1029384756 to my friend and they asked if it was my number i said no and she told me i asked because it said i could call it so yeah...
Posted by bethany pattinson
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 05:18am

Please refer to numerous warnings already posted on the web about this caller.

The warnings specify why this person attempts to call/sms.

Posted by Joanna
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 17:35pm
scam call/text
Posted by MABG
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 16:41pm
Receive a call from this number last evening. Couldn't make out what they were saying and couldn't understand who they were asking for so I hung up.
Posted by mten
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 11:17am
Claims to be from non existent Enviro Canada and wants to make appointment promising large energy rebate. Pretty obvious scam to sell something.
Posted by Mike J
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 10:32am
got a text from this number:
"Wew, I made it over the ~waves~. 997 631 is your Discord verification code."

I don't use discord and never asked for one.
Posted by R
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 16:53pm
Posted by 1
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 11:52am
They need to STOP CALLING MY WORK!!!! I have NO idea who, what they want!!! I do NOT own any property at all - and messages left on my work voicemail pertain to this!!! How they got my number is beyond me - all they are going to do is get me fired!!!
Posted by 956-794-1710
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 10:42am
Unknown caller, no message left
Caller Id says Huntingdon
Posted by John
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 08:59am
this number has called me before, never left a voice mail; if memory serves me right, the first time i answered a male voice - i don't think it was a robo-voice - started talking about God, and the role of religion in this time of global pandemic (that gets a 'sorry, not interested' from me - you can believe what you want, but DON'T share with me unless i ask you to).
Posted by Pat
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 12:59pm
Unknown text
Posted by Ny
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 11:57am
I received the following text message:
There is an error with package ID#4190078 to receive by next week please call 1-877-200-4238. Stop2Stop

I called the 877 number and heard a recording stating, “Please wait while we connect you...' and I hung up before connecting.
I called the number that dialed me, (562) 504-2104. What scared me here was a recording mentioning my name. It said, 'We are trying to reach (my name)...' and THAT scared me so I hung up.

Than, my son told me that someone came to the sort 2x with a delivery. This made me even more nervous because the only packages that I am expecting is from Macy's and they usually leave the package on the doorstep or in the mailbox. I am NOT expecting anything that I have to sign for.

I see a lot of people inquiring about this number, but not many with more details than that. Does anyone have any further information?

Thank you.
Posted by Grace O
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 11:07am
SCAM NUMBER. Received text saying my bank account was froze, need to verify. 'don't ecen have an account at that bank..
Posted by Joe
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 08:34am
Selling new phone deals.
Posted by Gregg
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 11:15am
This is Google Adwords - a google "partner" i.e. one which Google Ads has provided your info to after you signed up to Google Ads - I am not sure whether or not they are any good but they are legit as far as I know...
Posted by Lawrence
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 10:52am
yeah bro this number called me and didnt say anything, i do be thinking that they are a SCAM!
me phone did say that they where from london doe
Posted by craig
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 10:50am
Has called 2 or 3 times. No message left. I picked up once but the human at the other end seemed to be starting a sales pitch and I must admit I rang off without properly listening. Hope I didn't put down on a legit notification!
Posted by Gregg
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 04:52am
Definite a con.Don,t pick up.
Posted by john Wilkins
Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 09:11am
Received the following text on 2/1/21 at 9:38am: "Hello from ARA. We must screen you for COVID-19 before your upcoming appointment. Please look for a link to the questionnaire in a separate text or email." Checked with my county department of health. Call rep and supervisor not aware of this text being sent. They're verifying whether or not it is a scam.
Posted by Beth Rosenthal
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 17:11pm
Received spam text supposedly from this number, saying a parcel is currently pending last mile delivery in a nearby location & shipment will be returned to sender, so confirm delivery. I have nothing ordered from anywhere at this time & nothing ever from Oklahoma.
Posted by Sam
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 16:25pm
These are scam artist. Hell is waiting for these people if they don't stop ASAP.
Posted by Steve
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 16:06pm
a possible scam lloyds bank
Posted by Fred Wood
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 15:25pm
Debt collections
Posted by Christy
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 13:41pm
Said it was a free trial for a super club for some of our customers. I then hung up
Posted by Julie
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 10:32am
I'm sick of it 3 times yesterday and one this morning 8am !!
Posted by Classic
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 04:12am
i just got phone scam calling me 24 hour day scaming me out of lot money 5308076441&5302875122
Posted by s
Thursday, 02.18.2021 @ 15:45pm
AJ just called from the VM retention team telling me how long I've been with Virgin15 years. I cancelled as it is too expensive and now says he can offer same deal for half the price as I'm a loyal customer!! . Seemed a bit odd so called Virgin Customer service . They were not too sure so I cancelled my direct debit completely . Not sure but sounded dodgy!! Be careful
Posted by Kb
Thursday, 02.18.2021 @ 14:24pm
Have a missing cat that I haven't looking for... This number texted me saying this was my neighbor eva bla blah blah
Posted by Nate
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 17:43pm
Says they are part of the student loan relief plan and that my loans are eligible for the program. I just have to call the above number and give them a personal ID code that they supplied me with to discuss stuff. I didn't call the above number, they left me a voicemail without actually calling my phone, so I have no original number to track it to.
Posted by Uniqua
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 17:28pm
Rings nights/weekends; leaves no message. If people want to talk, leave a message - otherwise, do not call.
Posted by CWC
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 12:43pm
I missed a call from this number but it didn't even ring.
Posted by Marcos
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 22:22pm
Text message that read "Ron, this is Michael from Walmart! We are very happy to inform you that you have WON a $1,000 gift card!! Follow instructions here (gives link) and claim your paid shopping spree!"

I did not include link and I did not click on it.
Posted by Polly
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 16:21pm
Genuine call; Halifax fraud line ringing about a suspicious transaction on daughter's account - she was trying to buy a mobile phone that I wasn't aware of at the time. I did get an automated voice stating that it was for < my daughter's full name>. The confusing thing is that their website displays a different no. for their fraud line so I initially suspected a scam.
Note that it has the UK prefix so the number should be 03330459574. It was a bit puzzling when I initially tried the 04433... no. as it was a dead line tone.
Posted by Mark
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 15:53pm
Posted by Lisa
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 14:56pm
Calling at 3 am looking for my husband. Desperate? Annoying!
Posted by Kathy
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 11:20am
01707 838803 eavesdrop on peoples info to defraud people and use connection follow by buzzing fax sound.immediate call back.can connect or imitate mailing texts.don't accept voice block immediately.most will not be any accounts you recognise.cutting into calls before you receive genuine onr
Posted by Vir h
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 10:57am


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